Our Services

We provide a wide array of wildlife control services.

Animal Trapping

We humanely catch wild animals in live cage traps and relocate them to the wild.

Building Repairs

We inspect your house to find and repair the open holes animals use to get inside.

Rodents in the Attic

We provide 100% rodent removal and removal of critters in attics.

We are a professional pest control company in Orlando FL, specializing only in wild animals. We do not handle insects. We deal with raccoons, squirrels, opossums, rats, snakes, bats, and more.

There are times when you will find yourself having problems with wildlife when they invade your property. The critters that invade your home will put your life and your family’s lives at risk. What you should do is have a professional come to your home and remove the problem at once from your property or from your home. The removal service not only removes the animals but they will also not harm the animals that have invaded your home. They will tell you about preventative measures that you can take if you wish to prevent animal invasions in your home in the future.

The wildlife will be in the crawl spaces or other places of your home or business, especially during winter or summer. A wildlife company understands how to protect your property so that the animals will not have access to it. The preventative measures that can be taken include capping the chimney off using custom-made coverings which will be efficient and will let the smoke out without letting the animals enter inside. This is the same also when it comes to the flues.

We are among the largest control companies in our area, and we have a technician who will be ready to come to you whenever you contact us. We always ensure that we keep in mind your safety and the safety of the animals during the removal. The entire point of our services is to ensure that you and the animal are safe.